A Brief History of Chaosmonaut

Live at Treefort 2021, Boise ID

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Chaosmonaut is a collective musical group from Boise, Idaho. While primarily a Doom Metal band, we like to experiment with genres as elements of our music range in style from Black Metal to Classical and Operatic. Most of our lyrics revolve around the theme of space and our place in the galaxy, and each performance is intended to be a unique experience usually featuring newly created and unheard music.

After supporting such influential bands as Telekinetic Yeti and The Body, Chaosmonaut made their festival debut at Treefort Music Fest in September of 2021. Fans have described our music as “beautifully done with strong emotional meaning” and “absolutely insane.” We have also been compared to Earth and Yob.

In Passion Aggression, Chaosmonaut continues to explore the all the facets of the doom landscape. With the addition of a second drummer, a classically trained singer, and a custom guitar/bass hybrid drone pedal, Passion Aggression pushes the boundaries of what Doom Metal has to offer in the form of a monolithic track spanning nearly 40 minutes. As the unique musical experiences of the band members weave a colorful tapestry of heavy textures, it creates a space for each of us in the galactic riffs that ensue.

Chaosmonaut is:
Joe Turmes (guitar/bass/samples/vocals)
Joey Turmes (percussion/guitar/vocals)
Jake Anderson (percussion/vocals)
Rebecca Irwin (vocals)

Chaosmonaut can be found at:

Short paragraph bio:
Chaosmonaut was born out of a desire to eschew the trappings of the typical rigid band song writing process and instead commit to capturing the zeitgeist of each set individually. Using tools from Jazz, Doom, Noise, Drone, each performance is written to capture a singular idea, be performed a single time, and discarded as a testament to that moment before starting over again.

Elevator pitch:
Chaosmonaut is an eclectic Doom Metal group utilizing instruments, styles and techniques as unique as the musical experiences of the band members to weave a colorful tapestry full of heavy textures.